About Kids’ Sessions   

The purpose of the kids’ session program here at Foundation Farm is to provide a loving place for children and families to learn, have fun, and experience healing and growth. The “mane” event of our sessions, and the highlight of the day for most kids, is interacting with the horses. Horses provide a non-judgmental therapeutic environment which fosters breakdown of defense walls, allowing kids to “just be kids”; encouraging their natural abilities and talents to develop without hindrance from outside distractions.

Each session with the kids is as unique as the children themselves; no two are exactly the same. Most sessions involve a 1:1:1 ratio of a mentor, child, and horse. Our Children’s Director creates a framework for the program, and from there our volunteer mentors tailor the session specifically with the individual in mind. The session mentor decides where to direct each session by taking cues from each child as to their mood, attention, and willingness, among other things. Kids might paint on their horses, lead their horse through some obstacles in the arena, brush and braid manes, or just spend quiet time observing their horse. The mentor, grounded in Biblical truth, assists the child to apply metaphorically the interactions with their horse, helping them connect what they learned to aspects of their own lives, like communication, fear, relationships, etc. Sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes in duration and sometimes include a “chore” of some kind prior to working with the horses (scrubbing buckets, cleaning saddles, pulling weeds, etc). The “chore” helps instill value and inclusiveness as each child sees themselves as a unique part of the Foundation Farm team. Through all the above, our desire is to love these kids where they are at and to share our wonderful Lord Jesus with them. He ultimately will help them persevere through life’s continuum of mountain tops and valley lows.

2021 Update: Sessions are now “riderless”. The ground-level with horses is where the majority of learning takes place and we have decided to really focus on the “hope and healing” aspect that inspired the ministry. We have also decided to offer an online Bible study for families as part of the program starting Summer of 2021. The study will enhance the sessions with the horses at the farm, helping to build resilience and self-esteem that the kids so desperately need as they navigate this tough world. This study is offered free of charge and is strongly recommended but not required.