Equine Assisted Learning (experiential learning) sessions are at the heart of Foundation Farm services. How does God use horses to help us? Horses live in the present and respond 100% truthfully every time when interacting with them. Unlike humans, they have no ability to form bias or opinions, judgments, or lie to us. Horses are prey animals who live in a state of hypervigilance and are keenly aware of what’s going on in their environments at all times. In the arena, they watch our body language and are very alert to the pitch/sound of our voice, our emotions, even watching our facial expressions. Because of their nature to live in the present, always forward moving, and responding to what they see accordingly for their own survival, when interacting with them, we start to see how our own emotions and actions affect them. This provides valuable insight to how we approach many different situations in our own lives. The interactions also generate contemplation of presently learned negative behaviors due to past brokenness. A trained equine assisted learning facilitator utilizes the horse’s inborn characteristics to help session participants become aware of places in their lives that they need to break free from negative patterns of thought and behavior. Once these things are brought into awareness, restoration can begin!

Private equine assisted learning sessions at Foundation Farm can be individual or in small group form. Typically, participants and horses are in an arena or round pen setting. Most of the time there is no riding, mainly “ground work”. At the ground level, humans and horses are free to move about as learning and discovery takes place. Participants may be asked to conquer obstacles with their horse, teach their horse something, or simply spend time “listening” to their horse, watching their instinctive behaviors. No two sessions are alike, and each one is tailored lovingly by our God and guided along by a trained facilitator.

Sessions at the farm are completely confidential, only you may share your experience with others. This is your life and your story, we’re here to help you live it well!

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hand on palomino horse